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Hey! I'm Mr Fundoo & a Children's Party Entertainer in Blackpool. With my big selection of tricks, games & balloons I'm able to cater for all ages. My magic show, funky sounds, super LED lights, up to date music and zany personality will create an unforgettable and fun occasion for your next kids party.

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Posted: 25 December, 2013

DJs for Kids Parties

Every child’s party needs music, brightening the atmosphere and bringing with it a flexibility of music selection to excite the kids. DJs for Kids are available widely, but the service doesn’t get much better than offered by Mr. Fundoo, allowing bookings to as a standalone or part of the complete package to provide your child with a day they will remember fondly, even as an adult.

Mr. Fundoo – providing you with the best service

With the latest chart hits to partying classics available, the diversity of musical service is at its very best. Children’s entertainers will always aim to give you value for money to provide the children with an exciting experience.
The DJ at a party for anyone will be important, but with many of the music-orientated activities Children’s parties contain exaggerates the importance of a great DJ for the party to set the tone and provide a backing to a day of excitement!

Providing the right music for every age

With perfect control of the volume key, the top equipment is always required not to drown out the buzz of crazy children’s play, but quality sound still provided to hear the absolute best songs in excellent quality. Any party will need a soundtrack with the disco to allow all the children to burst their dancing feet onto the floor. Shawn AKA Mr. Fundoo focuses on both the music and ways to incorporate the music into his own routine through unique games or directions. Each entertainer needs games to keep sugar-filled children from running riot. Mr. Fundoo offers the best music, lighting and the very best LED arrangements adding to a room filling atmosphere. This is why Shawn has been one of the leading DJs for kids parties for some time.

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