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Mr Fundoo » Blog » Childrens Party Entertainer in Leeds
Posted: 4 February, 2015

Childrens Party Entertainer in Leeds

There are many reasons why Yorkshire is a great place to do kids parties. But I have a few special reasons why it is one of my favourite places to do gigs :-)
First of all Yorkshire gigs are probably the most friendly ones of all. Everybody does seem to have a smile on their face and that makes the kids enjoy themselves even more! Secondly the food. The food that the parents serve the kids in Yorkshire is always 2nd to none. Kids like nothing more than a really good feed. I always recommend that the kids have a food break halfway through the party to give them a boost of energy for the second half of the party. And the kids parties in Yorkshire always go great because of the super Yorkshire grub that the kids really love.
And finally it's just the friendliness of the people. Yorkshire is one of the most friendly places in England and the homely family vibe the parties have really does make the party even better. I travel all over the UK for my parties but when I have a party booked in Yorkshire I especially would forward to it and if I can get a cup of Yorkshire tea as well that's even better!
Why not give me a call and let's have a great kids party in Yorkshire :-)