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Hey! I'm Mr Fundoo & a Children's Party Entertainer in Blackpool. With my big selection of tricks, games & balloons I'm able to cater for all ages. My magic show, funky sounds, super LED lights, up to date music and zany personality will create an unforgettable and fun occasion for your next kids party.

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Mr Fundoo » Blog » Childrens magic show in Blackpool
Posted: 18 April, 2012

Childrens magic show in Blackpool

Entertaining children takes a special sort of person, and if you need the best possible childrens magic show in Blackpool, then look no further than Mr Fundoo! With over 25 years of experience in the entertainment business making kids laugh and have fun, Mr Fundoo is ready and willing to perform at your next children’s party.

Mr Fundoo is completely PLI insured and checked by the CRB, so you know you will be getting a quality performer. He is available for hire not only to work at your childrens magic show in Blackpool, but also can do them in Liverpool, Cumbria, Lancashire, Manchester, and surrounding areas.

What can Mr Fundoo bring to your childrens magic show in Blackpool?

childrens magic show in BlackpoolMr Fundoo is well known in the UK as a premiere performer for any childrens magic show in Blackpool or elsewhere. His tricks of the trade include cute balloon sculptures, fun party games, magical tricks, and the highlight of the show is a special LED sound and light spectacular.

The LED music show puts him over the top as the provider for a childrens magic show in Blackpool and elsewhere because it includes all the latest well-known musical hits that all the kids are bound to recognise, and love. It’s a unique disco party right in your home, as Mr Fundoo broadcasts all the top trendy music and encourages the audience to join in and clap their hands, dance or sing to the music.

Mr Fundoo’s background includes top shows in other venues...

Mr Fundoo isn’t just your everyday entertainer for a childrens magic show in Blackpool, as he has worked several other venues in the past 25 years of experiences. His career began at the Metropole Hotel in Blackpool where he worked as the entertainer known as Butlin’s Redcoat. He also did this show in Scotland too.

Plus, Mr Fundoo has done a stint on the world fun cruise ship the SS Princess of Scandinavia. So, you can be certain that he has had to please top crowds when he does his show. Therefore, he has been rated as one of the very best choices as an entertainer for a childrens magic show in Blackpool.

All ages can enjoy Mr Fundoo's childrens magic show in Blackpool !

Children and adults alike will thrill to all of the different acts that Mr Fundoo presents at the parties he performs at. Whether it is young kids, teens or adults, Mr Fundoo can arrange his childrens magic show in Blackpool to meet your needs.

Mr Fundoo has the experience and know-how to gear his performance to meet the ages of any group whether it is large or small. His act contains materials that are appropriate for kids from toddlers to teens and all groups will enjoy the music, magic, games and balloons that spell fun and excitement at all the parties Mr Fundoo appears at.

So, if you want to have the party remembered as the best in town, then be sure to book Mr Fundoo for your next childrens magic show in Blackpool.