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Posted: 10 December, 2013

A Good Childrens Entertainer

Great Games for Your Party!

In this, the first of several articles I will be looking at the most important part of kids parties, which is the part they love best.....party games!

Kids love playing games and more games you can play the better but there are certain things that make a game good and certain games which are better than others. So first of all let me say the old adage is indeed very true...that the old games are the best ones! If you can take an old game and play in the new and exciting way then it is a winning formula .

In my parties the number one game is my new version of musical bumps. My new version is lots and lots of fun. The old version needed to be changed because kids were always out. With my new version of musical bumps I do it as a non-elimination game this is good for a couple of reasons. Firstly because it means all the kids stay in the game and are kept involved, they don't get bored and of course nobody likes being out especially if you are so young, it can be the end of the world being out!

The other key change I made with my new version is I don't have an overall winner. In the game every time I stop the music and the children sit down with a bump I simply give a selection of sweets to some of the kids - the best bumpers. Then I put the music on and everybody dances again and I repeat this til all the kids get sweets. This way they all feel like winners! This makes it a game where everybody is all involved and it's great fun and used with super music it can be a really really fun time. You can always pick the best by Boy or girl champion of the game as well if you want, but I don't always do this as I find that the small prizes such as sweets and small chocolate bars given to the kids goes down much better than just one big winner because with one big prizewinner there are a lot of kids who don't get anything. So trying to spread joy with a small prizes as you play along is a winning way to play.

Coming soon I will go into detail about many more of my tried and tested great games.

If you're having a party why not book me...Mr Fundoo for your next party? I can promise you some super games I can also do a great magic show and do some amazing balloon models in the party too! To get in touch with me click here

Best Wishes!

Shawn Mr Fundoo